My Family

My family is filled up up with five people my dad (Roberto, Mom (Martha), sister (Itzel), brother (Ian), other brother (Anthony or Gio). I am the second oldest child the oldest is my older brother Anthony which is 23 years old. The youngest is my little brother Ian he is 6 years old and my sister is the other middle child which is 1 year younger than me. Both of my parents are from Mexico and all of my brothers and sisters are full Mexican including me but i’m the only one that doesn’t have the skin color all my other ┬ábrothers and my one sister have the skin color.

Edublog Challenge Social Media Advice

  • On Instagram you shouldn’t do bad things because it last forever.


  • Don’t Post pornography
  • Don’t Expose people
  • Don’t Post offensive things
  • Don’t Put offensive emoji’s
  • Don’t harass people online
  • Don’t Spam
  • Don’t Cyber bully someone
  • Don’t say your going to say something very bad online (shoot up a school)
  • Don’t send pornographic pictures of underage kids to your friends.
  • If you are getting threatened online and or getting blackmailed tell a adult or the police never do what they are telling you to do!