My Family

My family is filled up up with five people my dad (Roberto, Mom (Martha), sister (Itzel), brother (Ian), other brother (Anthony or Gio). I am the second oldest child the oldest is my older brother Anthony which is 23 years old. The youngest is my little brother Ian he is 6 years old and my sister is the other middle child which is 1 year younger than me. Both of my parents are from Mexico and all of my brothers and sisters are full Mexican including me but i’m the only one that doesn’t have the skin color all my other  brothers and my one sister have the skin color.

Edublog Challenge Social Media Advice

  • On Instagram you shouldn’t do bad things because it last forever.


  • Don’t Post pornography
  • Don’t Expose people
  • Don’t Post offensive things
  • Don’t Put offensive emoji’s
  • Don’t harass people online
  • Don’t Spam
  • Don’t Cyber bully someone
  • Don’t say your going to say something very bad online (shoot up a school)
  • Don’t send pornographic pictures of underage kids to your friends.
  • If you are getting threatened online and or getting blackmailed tell a adult or the police never do what they are telling you to do!


Black History Month

Ray Charles was famous for his music. He was born September 23, 1930 in Albany, Georgia. Charles died on June 10, 2004 at age 73 in Beverly Hills, California. Charles was important to a lot of people and lots were devastated when he died. Enough focusing on the bad side of his life. Ray Charles played everything but he focused on vocals, pianos, and key boards. He started his career in 1947 and it lasted until 2004 which is really long compared to the people that make music now a days. Genres he was proficient in were  R&B, soul, blues, gospel, country, jazz, pop, rock and roll. I never really knew him because I have never really heard him officially but I do know him from my parents. My parents occasionally but him on the intercom/radio around are house just to play some good old classic music and from what I heard it is not that bad to be honest with you. I would definitely recommend it for you to listen to on your free time. Ray Charles also had a nickname which was “Brother Ray” or if you wanted to call him something else it would be “The Genius” which very well explains him and his music.

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Super Bowl Commercials

The purpose of this video is to persuade and get the word out to everyone that Audi isn’t just for one group of people it is for everyone because they believe that everyone should have a car that fits just them and who they are. It showed both sides because it showed that even though they are not the only company that’s letting everyone know that their company isn’t just for one group that Audi is still trying to get their word out there and show everyone how good they are. On a scale 1-5 this commercial gets a all 5 because they explained how they were going for everyone and not just one group and they used a very good video covering their topic.

The purpose of this advertisement is to show everyone how good and efficient their car is and is focusing mostly towards young adults or adults. The message of this video is to tell the audience that even though they might not be the best efficient car in the word that they still are pretty good and you can count on them to get you mostly anywhere. This commercial or advertisement did an amazing job by making the video funny and entertaining to watch while getting their point across all at the same time most of the ads cant get both but this ad excelled at it.



The purpose of the video is to show and explain on how hard working can pay off with a nice cold Budweiser to make you feel accomplished. This advertisement is targeting mainly adults. The message is to tell you that if you keep trying and never give up there is going to be something waiting for you at the other side when you get there and in this case is was a nice Budweiser. All in all the commercial did a great job in getting their point across to its viewers showing that if you keep tryiing it will eventually pay of with a amazing reward.

Social Issue Topic

In recent discussions of Curfews for Teenagers, a controversial issue has been whether curfews should be lasting longer or curfews should stay the same.  On the one hand, some argue that keeping curfews the same will keep kids under control.  From this perspective, studies have found that kids become more depressed because they want to go out to calm down and lose stuff on their mind. On the other hand, however, others argue that curfews should be extended to help teens out both mentally and physically. In the words of one of this views main supporters, “If you are out studying, working, volunteering, or participating in an extracurricular activity, it would probably be reasonable to ask your parents to extend your curfew for these activities.” (Welsh 1). According to this view, Welsh is trying to explain that having a longer curfew doesn’t exactly mean you’re out to do bad things it just means you have responsibilities that teenagers are starting to take care of just like adults. In sum, then, the issue is whether teenagers should be able to go out for a longer period of time for their curfew or stay home and stick with the curfew that their legal guardian gives the teen/kid no acceptions. My own view is that teenagers should be able to stay out for a extended amount of time though I concede that there are some pros to keeping teens inside with curfews, I still maintain that kids and teenagers should still have a later curfew than they have now. For example, kids should be able to escape their problems if needed to do so or just go out if they have something really important to be needed to be taken care of. Although some might object that letting teenagers stay out later than they should be I reply that We all need to give it a chance before we assume something that we need to try for everyone’s sake. The issue is important because many teenagers are being affected around the world by not having a later curfew than what they have now, sometimes people just need a break from their problems.


Do you think parents or law enforcers should be able to let kids roam around for a extra amount of time?

If not why would you keep kids/teenagers at home instead of letting them go for a extra amount of time?

Play-Doh Creativity Assignment

With my creativity I made a sculpture of me running. It means a lot to me because of how much I like running. In the summer I always ran no matter if it was playing basketball or just going to the park and exercising. It might not have been one of the best sculptures but I think I did a fantastic job. With the picture I shared everyone will be able to see my masterpiece. It is also important to me because I grew up running my whole life I even ran in water of that makes since? I guess I could have just said swimming to make more since. But for all seriousness I love to run I do not see how other people do not like it. That is why summer is my first favorite season. I also like spring because it is when my birthday is but you guessed it I get to run and play around. I wonder if who ever is reading likes running but if you do not that is fine to I do not judge. There is a reason I love sports because I get to run my sculpture just describes it all even if it looks like a Mc Donalds mascot or whatever you call it. I did not notice how much I like it until I wrote this and put the picture up but I guess sometimes you need to do something and really think about it to really notice it.

Social Issues

Birth control has been argued for a long time every since it has been created. People argue weather it should be recommended when every you go to your doctor. But people also think that it should be the same and let it be your choice weather you use it or not. They argue over this topic because of how many people are in the United States of America. More and more people keep populating us and before you know it we could end up like china building houses wherever possible. I personally do not care weather you should do it or not I just do not want to be living in a small house like they are in china and other places due to over population. You may have different thoughts and that completely fine but that was mine. I also think people have the right to choose what they want and shouldn’t have to use birth control if they do not want to. 52% of people in ILL Chicago voted that it should be required for doctors or clinical places to offer birth control. The other 48% said you should not be required  to do that because the government should not be telling people to do that.

Word Cloud


I choose this sign because I love the company Nike. I buy stuff from them all the time so I thought it was appropriate to choose this for my picture. I also choose these words because I think they represent me in a good way and really lets you know who I am.


I am thankful for my family. I am also thankful for all the food I am going to eat during the holiday. I am thankful for everyone that is coming over during the holiday. I am happy that I get to share food with family and have a party at our house. I am ready to go black friday shopping and cyber monday shopping. I am thankful from all the happy thanks givings I got from all of my teachers. I wonder how other people around the world celebrate this day. Or maybe do they even celebrate it? What are you thankful for and why are you thankful for it? One thing I forgot to thank is everyone that got me to where I am today. Have a great thanksgiving everyone and everything and dont forget to thank everyone that helped you out during your life have a great one.